KedaiRugby Enterprise ( R42543/11 )
Rugby Online Store - Malaysia

How to shop @ KEDAIRUGBY 

Kedairugby Enterprise brings you the most comprehensive range of rugby products at the best prices. We have made shopping on our website as easy as possible.

Adding product to your emel/submit form

When you find a product you want to order, it's a simple process to add it to emel:
  • Select the size you want from the 'Size
  • Select the number of that item you want to order from the 'Quantity'
  • Click the 'Submit Form' button
  • A message will appear to confirm the item has been successfully added to your order

Express Checkout

You don't need to worry about setting up an account or remembering passwords. You enter all your details and we send you the kit - simple!

Need more Help?

If you need more help with this website, you can:
  • email us using this kedairugby@gmail.com

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